Production Insights

“You can’t corner a market until you captivate your audience”


This part of the process is like drawing up the blueprint before building a house. Planning the shots before the camera ever rolls is essential for managing your production expenses and staying on target during the shoot. A well-planned shoot minimizes wasted time and guarantees the most effective use of your resources. The OVS team will plan your production in advance so that everything and every one is ready to go from the first shot to the last with streamlined efficiency. From a basic shoot that integrates a few infographics and still shots using one camera, to doing a multi-camera production with B-roll footage, voiceovers, and shooting at multiple sites, our team has you covered!


Writing is the foundation for any project. Whether your video project is to support launching a new product, is educational in nature, or is kicking off a crowd-funding campaign, well written content is essential to ensuring that your message reaches its target audience and increases your return on investment. From concise wording to achieving the right tone, every word—whether written or spoken—will have an impact on your message.


This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much and what kind of lighting is needed for even the highest resolution cameras to pick up the details in any given shot. This is particularly true for multiple camera shoots, such as lighting for 2-3 different camera angles, or for having equal visual quality whether you are shooting on a set, on a well lit stage, out doors, or getting a reaction shot of a theater audience where it’s usually darker than the production on stage.


You can have the best graphics, videography and lighting, but if your audio is muddy, there’s too much background noise, or not a balance with your music and voice-overs, then your end product will appear “amateur” rather than “professional.” It is especially vital to record your audio in the highest quality possible, as mobile devices like phones and tablets compromise the audio quality at output. The ever growing trend of internet users consuming their online content on mobile devices increases the likelihood that your video will be viewed in this manner, and so your recordings must accommodate this market accordingly.

OVS’s audio professionals handle all of this for you so that you come across as clear in sound as you do visually!


Post-Production is where much of the magic happens—where all the elements that were conceived in pre-production and created in production—bringing them all together seamlessly. From editing raw footage together, to bringing in background music, adding sound effects, title cards and credits at the end of your video, this is where your video becomes polished, professional and finished.

Remember, even a cake is just raw batter until it’s finally cooked, cooled, and decorated. OVS’s Post-Production team makes sure that your cake is fully finished with a cherry on top!

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